syurga ku

syurga ku

Saturday, July 30, 2011

bila smlm terjadi, maka terjadilah....

Dalam masa 4jam sume selesai hutang piutang:

  • Ansurans kerete CCN - done 
  • Bil enpon - done
  • Duit pengasuh - done
  • Duit blanje kat otel grand con - done
  • Duit banje brg umah - done
  • Duit installed astro - done
  • Duit pinjam - done
  • Pastuuu masa nak mentekedarah pulak semalam lokasi pilihan yg dekat ngan area otel grandcon adalah di : -

Ayam Penyet API Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 2nd March 2009 to manage Restoran Ayam Penyet-AP outlets. We have a very experience team in preparing and cooking Indonesian food with Ayam Penyet as our main speciality. All the food are prepared fresh and specially marinated with various spices and herbs. The new millennium has brought people to new kind of halal dining places where reasonable pricing quality food is serve at the shortest waiting time. We are indeed proud to receive overwhelming response from all races and we will surely do our best to serve you better.

Ayam Penyet

Ayam Penyet is a traditional Indonesian cuisine which originates from Surabaya. It is a popular chicken dish where the fresh chicken is specially marinated with various spices and herbs . The meat is then smashed with a wooden headed hammer and deep fried until golden light brown. One of the unique feature in preparing this funny name dish is the art of frying where it is crispy from outside and juicy inside. The other dishes served here are traditional Indonesian food which are also popular in Singapore and Indonesia. Our signature dish, Ayam Penyet-AP is served as a set. You get a quarter crispy chicken, a piece each of fried beancurd and tempe, some boiled kangkong, fresh cabbage, blazing hot sambal belachan and bits of crunchy golden brown fried fritter topping on the chicken.

ingatkan restoren bertaraf highclass dgn liveband segala..upernya x...sume blh mkn baik golongan rendah, sederhana @ tinggi..memang superb la masakan kat sini !! terbaekkkkk !!!!  oder pun bkn mai dtg kat meja tapi kita tulis apayg nak mkn atas ketas tu then panggil depa..sat g siap !! bila tgah2 mkn smbil lyn liveband terasa nasi masuk kat tekak tuh..uhhh syahduuu je jatuh dlm anak tekak....

Selamat berpuasa untuk umat islam seluruhnya...

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